So You Know

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I think about you a lot, more than I probably should,
But thinking about you makes me feel a way I think I forgot that I could,
Not like the times I misunderstood,
Or when the reasons were wrong but the feelings were good,
This is the time when it isn’t for me,
When I want you to see the very best I can be,
So the feelings you feel make you feel like I feel,
So you know that I’m real,
And that I’m not gonna change,
And that I’m not gonna run,
And that I just want to walk alongside you,
So you know that I’m real,
And that I’m not gonna change,
And that I’m not gonna run,
And that I just want to walk alongside you…

See Me

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As you sit there,  just think to yourself, the future means more than the past,
So many words spoken in a moment that were never meant to last,
Niceties erode so easily in time,
When the last kind words fall flat on the floor,
On the other side of a familiar door is where I’ll be,
Just wasn’t quite ready for the weather out here,
I’m watching these flakes fall the same as me,
A lot of holes,  some pretty rough edges,
Ridin’ wind looking for somewhere to be,
Something that for a moment you didn’t care to see,
So you won’t see me.

“If This Is It”

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newton faulkner if this is it rove 30.08.2009 www…:

This ones a mystery

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I just stumbled upon it this morning.  Don’t really know why I wrote it but I like it. 

Its a season, like winter,
when the sun won’t warm your heart,
and you think,
you’ll never feel sun shine again,
“Hold on, child” she said to me,
“Because the sun always comes back around”
And even now I can’t hear tales of hope,
And even if I could I would still say that I don’t,
I guess I must just be that way,
Unable to feel a little sun shine,
Even on the clearest of days,

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Many times, over time, I’ve thought of times, when time stood still,
And right now, missing time is on my mind,
Just enough to steal a moment or three,
to duck behind corners so no one can see,
All alone with nowhere to be,
Just you, just me,
For a moment or three…

Teachers pet

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I have felt the inside of a cloud,
Pressed on my lips on cold November night,
I have felt the inside of the sun,
held its warmth in my arms under a streetlight,
And I have felt a star,
Let its light beam through me each and every time you look at me,
I have felt you,
And the universe within you,
And the depth it holds
And the innocence inside,
And I learned it all,
In a kiss


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I want to be your wildest dream,
the one that’s too good to come true,
I want to be the house at the end of the road,
The one you never have to leave,
I want to be home,

But the best I can be is a one bedroom efficiency suite on a month by month lease in case you don’t like the layout on the inside,
Because I do have a lot of walls, and they don’t like to talk,
I can be cozy, good for entertaining,
I have a few rough spots you can cover with a painting,
The landlord is absent and the building’s almost empty,
I have some room for improvement,
Could use a little tender loving care,
But if you can figure out where the furnace is,
That’s it…home’s right there


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