Listen Up

•June 21, 2015 • 1 Comment

I come alive in here, but not out there,
I come alive in here where there’s a little less air but more room to breathe,
It’s a place to hide in a space for hiding in an ace that’s already hidden up my sleeve,
It’s away and above and a spot to fall in love with the light in the dark and the sounds that make me start to spark,
Like a plug that’s being pulled but she’s still firing off the lightning,
And the way the white heat sheets of hate fork out from every pore of you because that’s just what these sounds do,
They let the lightning fly from fingers in phonetic phrases and fretboard waltzes,
When you curl up they crawl inside and stay in silence singing softly,
If you’re breaking down they ball you up back into fists for fighting life and beating drums and chests alike,
Every shake and shiver, every cone cry quiver, and the 4/4 score of the life I’ve lived,
The one I left behind,
And the one that I’m still learning

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I always sang in my head with “We are the Champions”,

Sometimes a cool cat, I was never much of a (under)dog person,

Maybe that’s why the quietest words are always the harshest,

The sure thing was always my thing,

And now I’m so unsure of everything,

I stay in shape by going in circles,

But I reserve social as a prefix for a problem,

Which always come with questions,

Sadly, sometimes the solutions,

Are more confusing than the query,

Close your eyes and silence sound,

Heavy heads need to be laid down,

Theta wave at the people you see on matching picture screens,

Think of all the words they say and the things that happen every day,

All out of the rings you fight yourself in,

It’s just a movie,

It’ll be alright,

The scary ones are just dreams too,

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It rises, burns,
Black tar sunshine,
A bullet hole for every forehead,
A blade for every back,
Unsatisfied and hungry,
Feeding on anything,
Just give it a reason,
Don’t double take,
Don’t talk back,
Just walk, walk away,
I don’t want my sun to shine today.

•June 9, 2015 • 1 Comment

A tight lipped sunken ship rusting somewhere at the bottom of the world,
Don’t bother trying to ping the thing, the hull is as hollow as the skull that got it here,
it isn’t gonna move no matter how hard you push,
All hands on my deck means the sides will crumble and cave,
You all keep pushing for what can’t be saved,
The war is over when one side stops,
The fighting ends when the white knuckles drop,
This is a peace treaty I’m always forced to pen and lack of will to pull triggers again,
Don’t speak, you know that your venom splashes and the syllables sting like bullwhip lashes,
The bleeding backs of the ones who loved you should be enough to make you stop,
Should be enough but it seems it’s not,
I didn’t want this life that stings, all I wanted was one that burns,
Passion, fire, something that makes you want to fly higher,
Instead I became a thief, a liar,
There’s death in these bones and it wants to be known,
Silent, slow, it doesn’t care what’s grown,
“Only trying to help.”, he says,
Just a little distraction from a fraction of the frustration,
Something that opens eyes and doors to brand new vistas of interpretation,
It’s not that much to ask and I can’t understand why I can’t rise to the task,
So I sink,
I sink into people, into songs, the sky,
I sink into anything that doesn’t ask why,
If you like me just a little bit more than I typically seem to do, I won’t ever want to ask anything else of you,
I’m a boat that won’t float, in rust we trust,
Melodies still ringing from bow to stern,
The galley full of things I’ve learned,
There are songs that are sung in times of peace but these shanties are war drums  that won’t quit till I cease,
Sometimes the most noble of battles are lost, Sometimes you’re a cause, sometimes the cost.

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I remember how you trembled, how you shook for safe passage of the one you love,
I remember how you panicked at the thought of loss,
And I remember how you left me behind, time and time again,
I spoke to you as if speaking to a friend,
Trying to respell my hell to make it sound more comforting,
I didn’t want you worried and it seems for once there is excess in my success,
I spoke to a statue today, held it’s hand,
It’s waters were as placid as imagination would allow,
And its stone as cold as my bones.

Seeing is Believing

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There are mothers of many and mothers of few and childless mothers that bear no fruit,
Every last one has but one gift to give and all that they ask is that you love while you live,
I know I believe love at first sight is real because when I opened my eyes it was all I could feel,
Even an infant can comprehend love,
The feeling of warmth from the gaze above as she holds you with arms like wings of a dove,
No matter how far you crawled away in your life,
Or how desperately you want to give up tonight,
If you think that love is no longer a friend,
Call your mother,
she’s the one who’ll make you believe in love again.

Which, I get that…

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I didn’t feel guilty till I heard the door close,
Had all day to put that away and be distracted by bigger better things, small scale accomplishments,
But I knew you’d be home eventually,
In a fuck you place with a fuck you face you stomped the steps straight to your room and donned those ice packs you wear on your shoulders when I have a bad day,
Which I get that…
I’m not trying to hurt anyone here,
My complications got more complicated than I anticipated and then I managed to complicate matters further,
I spent the whole day running away from I’m sorry,
I don’t like to burden anyone, least of all a friend,
I wasn’t planning any of this, my legs are tired,
sometimes, things…just work out for the worst


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